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Coffee with Keith

Dr. J. Keith Brown

Hi! Welcome. I am Dr. J. Keith Brown (Keith) and I am a speaker, a teacher, an author, a mentor, a podcaster, a digital course provider, a blogger, a magician, a theologian, a photographer, a Christian, a son, a husband, a father, a hiker, a beachboy, and probably some other things I have forgotten. As you can see, I am many things and I am proud to say, I have accomplished many things; however, I have also failed at some things and I have experienced what it's like to hurt. I bet you have too. In fact, You may be experiencing some right now. If so, I am sorry for that...but, I can assure you there is healing that can occur and there is thriving beyond the pain. I want to help you get there. Together, we will tackle the sources of hurt, the strategies to heal, and the tools to shift your impossible to possible. Have a seat at my table and let's chat. This is "Coffee with Keith."

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